VIDEO PREMIERE: Summerled – Off my Chest

Bucketlist is proud to present the latest single release “Off my Chest” by Montreal pop punk band Summerled.

“We wanted to approach this video with a different style than what we normally do. Off My Chest is a fast paced, punk-rock inspired track and we wanted to capture that feeling using darker tones and neon colors. The colorful and harsh lighting reminiscent of what you might see in a modern hip-hop video, coupled with the wide angle close-up shots of the band make for a fresh look while paying homage to the signature punk-rock music video aesthetic.”

Summerled is a pop-punk duo from Montreal, Canada.  Since the release of their 2017 EP The Contest, and two singles, the band has become known for their catchy pop-punk melodies accompanied by a loud, high energy attitude.

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