Bucketlist is proud to present the video premiere for “Bring Back the Fight” by Montreal’s prog metal band The History of Flying Objects. Watch below.

The video was directed by Chris Kells and Ryan Andrade and the track was mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson.

“Bring Back the Fight”” lyrics originally dealt with our dependence on fossil fuels, which at the time of writing, seemed like the biggest issue facing humanity. A simpler time indeed. However, as time went on it became more of a song to motivate us to stand up and protest against any injustices we are facing as a society. When it came time to film a video, we decided to do a performance only video with no storyline this time. We didn’t want to influence what people take away from the lyrics and insert our narrative into the visual in hopes that each person will interpret it in a way that is meaningful to themselves.” – The History of Flying Objects

Montreal’s The History Of Flying Objects is a Progressive/Metal/Punk band made up of four veterans of the local Canadian punk/metal scene.

Their first EP, titled Prologue, was entirely produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by the band at their own studio; keeping things in-house allowed them to take their time, and find their own sound during the recording process.

​For their second EP titled Chapter One: Smokestacks And Silhouettes, they chose to once again record the tracks at their own studio. However this time they brought in one of Montreals top metal producers, Chris Donaldson (The Agonist/Cryptopsy), to help with mixing and mastering. Having outside ears really helped bring the songs to life and the resulting EP is truly something the band is proud of.

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