Vilamoura Premiere “We All Die” Music

Metalcore quintet, Vilamoura has released a new music video for their latest single “We All Die” which comes from the band’s debut EP, Buried Alive. The eye catching performance music video was produced and directed by Albert Gonzalez who has worked with several other artists including, Polyphia, Fire From The Gods, BackWordz, and many more.

It was a one of a kind experience. We were blown away and had a lot of fun and it was a great opportunity getting to work with such a talented director and engineer.” – Vocalist, Johnathan Sotomayor

It was freezing. We were thrashing and stomping around on piles of broken glass and rubble in the cold for hours. It was a good time.” – Guitarist, Mikah Shipman

While staying busy writing new music in 2016, the band has plans to hit the road the near future. Watch the “We All Die” music video below and make sure to purchase the Buried Alive EP today.

About Vilamoura:

Joshua Valdez – bass, Tony Lerma – guitar, Mikah Shipman – guitar, Johnathan Sotomayor – clean vocals, Josh Huber – alternative vocals, and Emilio Pla – drums, founded the rock band, Vilamoura, in April of 2015, followed shortly by their debut EP, Buried Alive, produced by Robby Joyner and carrying heavy influences from Breaking Benjamin, A Day To Remember, and Secrets. Together, they set their sights on a goal to reach their music out to as many people as possible with the message to stand proudly and never doubt yourself, first upholding this message with the singles, “Pull Me From the Grave,” and “Vindictive”.

After the release of the two singles, the band was faced with the need to find a new drummer, which before long was filled by Jonathon Lester, who since has only served to further the message and goals of Vilamoura.

The band began to see many opportunities and increasing buzz going into 2016 with the release of their first music video for Vindictive, and with no signs of slowing down, the band intends to continue performing and show the world what Vilamoura is all about.

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