The Von Rebels – Too Damn Loud

With fast paced beats and screaming guitars, you know The Von Rebels were serious when they chose to name their EP Too Damn Loud.

As a whole, the album is well put together. The recordings are clean and clear and you can tell a lot of time and effort was put into this album. What first occurred to me was that the sound and vocals resemble that of Motörhead but have that unique authentic Von Rebels lemony twist that I could only imagine would be intense at live show. With most songs being simple, the few verse and repetitive chorus come off as catchy and easy to remember, their sound isn’t too complicated and mixes the sounds of rock ‘n roll from the 50s with psychobilly and trashy punk, an easy to pick up sound for the novice listener. An overall good album if you’re speeding down the highway or getting into a brawl at the local pub.

Being a fan of dense rock music, I can say that the thick bass riffs  that The Von Rebels have in most of their songs “tickles my pickle,” it creates a wall of sound that you can’t seem to escape. Not to mention the classic guitar renditions that shred midway through their songs, one of my favourites being the solo in “Jack Tongue” which leaves a ring in your ears that just won’t go away.

Leaving their homage to classic rock, The Von Rebels recorded a cover of “Bad Moon Rising,”an original track released by CCR in the late 1960s. Giving it their own twist, the band does a great job bringing this one back from the grave, adding a faster tempo and more attitude. If you haven’t heard the original, don’t be scared of this version, it’ll probably make you want to hear it more.

All this being said, The Von Rebels did a good job putting Too Damn Loud together. If you’re a fan of good ol’ rock ‘n roll, I’m sure this album will get you “Shakin’ All Over” all over again.

I’d give it a solid 8 out of 10 fucks.

Written by Mosquito Mike

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