Wacken Metal Battle Canada – Winners from Winnipeg + Saskatoon Rounds 1 & 2

Congratulations to the following winners!

Winnipeg Round 1 Winner: Endless Chaos
Event Link
Competing Bands:
Endless Chaos
The Void.

Winnipeg Round 2 Winner:  Vathek
Event Link
Competing Bands:
Speed Demon Thrash
Spill The Blood
Tyrants Demise

Chuck Labossiere – musician/producer
Trevor Birnie – musician


Saskatoon Winners:
Harmful Effects
Maelstrom Vale
Event Link
Competing Bands:
Altars of Grief
Baël (formally thresh)
Harmful Effects
Maelstrom Vale

Graham Templeman
Neal Garand
Jon Cey
Chris Douglas – all members of the band Sparky (S’toon)

Bands will now advance to the
PRAIRIE FINAL (WINNIPEG vs. SASKATOON) taking place in Regina, SK on February 20, 2015 @ The Exchange,  2431 8 Avenue.

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