Wacken Metal Battle News: Edmonton Round 1 Winner/Calgary Final Winners/Toronto Round 1 Winners Announced!

CONGRATS to Edmonton Round 1 winner: Elnora


Jeff Waters – Annihilator / Watersound Studios
Mark Rodgers – CJSR 88.5 FM – Soul of The City
Brian Surgeon- CJSR 88.5 FM – Heavy Metal Lunchbox
Ross Ferguson – Metal Nation Radio – Sedation Saturdays
Allistair – Musician

Competing Bands:
They will now move on to the Alberta final to face Edmonton’s two best (later to be announced).
Jeff Waters – Annihilator / Watersound Studios
JP Wood – CJSW 90.9 FM – Megawatt Mayhem)
Cameron Dalgetty – Metal Nation Radio
Natalie Dalgetty – Metal Nation Radio
Ross Ferguson – Metal Nation Radio
Competing Bands:
Toronto Round 1 Winners:
Craig Rose – Rose Management
Oscar Rangel – Annnihilator
Steve Hoeg – Rockpile
Competing Bands:

Canada: Mountains, trees, lakes, beer… metal? You bet.Often under-estimated, but always a force to be reckoned with. Canada has forged such heavyweights as Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend, Voivod, Annihilator, Anvil, Into Eternity. The Quebec region, re-known for their love of extreme metal, has spawned the likes of Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Martyr and Quo Vadis. Not to mention an impressive new wave of modern metal including Alexisonfire, 3 inches of Blood, Protest The Hero, Cancer Bats, Baptized In Blood and Despised Icon.

Canada continues to be a strong supporter in the global metal scene by offering such contributions as the Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles publication, the critically acclaimed film Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, the annual Noctis Valkyries Metal Festival & Conference, and the Heavy MTL and Heavy TO festivals.

The year 2015 will see Canada’s third year of participation in the Wacken Metal Battle. Only the strongest of contenders will be chosen to participate, to yield one true champion, and represent their nation with highest honor at the Wacken Open Air Festival.

Being held in Toronto, ON, Montreal, QC, Ottawa, ON, Saskatoon, SK, Winnipeg, MB, Calgary, AB, Edmonton, AB and Vancouver, BC and Victoria, BC during the months of Februaray to June, Canadian metal bands from across the country will challenge one another to join a list of Canadian heavyweights such as Voivod, Exciter, Razor, Annihilator, Anvil, Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, 3 Inches of Bloods, Despised Icon and Danko Jones who have performed at the festival in years past.

The W:O:A Metal Battle was founded in 2004 to encourage future generations of heavy metal and rock, as Wacken Open Air believes in supporting the future of metal music and its musicians.

Metal Battle Canada application link – http://www.metalbattle.ca/apply.html



All bands that wish to participate in the Metal Battle must read the following rules and guidelines. Bands who send in an application automatically agree to the rules and terms.

Your band doesn’t have a record deal and isn’t about to sign to a record label in the near future.

Your band must be able to play a 30 minute set consisting of your own original material.

PA, lighting, and sound engineer will be provided for all bands by Metal Battle Canada.

Backline arrangements TBA.

The bands must bring their own instruments such as guitars, bass, drum breakables, keyboards and effect pedals and may also bring and use their own guitar amps.

To keep the changeover times as short as possible, bands with left handed drummers will play as first or last band. All bands have to follow the directions given by the promoters or stage manager.

Semi playback is not allowed. All bands must play live. Backtracks ok as long as lead vocals/guitar are live.

Jury of respected music industry folk will decide the winners each night.

If a band overruns its allotted performance time, then the band-members should be aware of the fact that in this case their sound will be faded out. The running order for the concert will be released a few days before the event takes place.


Rehearsal Factory – http://rehearsalfactory.com

FACTOR – http://www.factor.ca (“We acknowledge the financial support of Canada’s Private Radio Broadcasters”)

Pearl Drums – http://pearldrum.com

Boonsdale Records – https://www.boonsdalerecords.com

TicketFly – http://www.ticketfly.com

Long & McQuade – http://www.long-mcquade.com

Dungeonworks – https://www.facebook.com/dungeonworksprods

The Invisible Orange – http://www.theinvisibleorange.com

Concertworks – http://www.concertworks.ca

Big Nate Productions – http://www.calgarymetalfest.com

Vertebrae 33 (Design & Illustration) – http://www.vertebrae33.com

Glen Robinson (Producer) – http://glenrobinson.tumblr.com

Apartment 2 Recording – http://www.facebook.com/Apartment2

Media Partners:

Absolute Underground – http://www.facebook.com/groups/10034445807

Adrenaline 101 Radio – http://www.adrenaline101radio.com

Asher Media Relations – http://www.ashermediarelations.com

Beatroute Magazine – http://www.beatroute.ca

Bravewords – http://www.bravewords.com

Broken Neck Radio – http://www.BrokenNeckRadio.com

Bucketlist Music Reviews – https://www.bucketlistmusicreviews.com

Canadian Death Metal – http://www.facebook.com/CanadianDeathMetal

Chronic Aggression – http://www.facebook.com/ChronicAggressionRadio

CJLO – http://www.cjlo.com

Crown of Viserys – http://crownofviserys.wordpress.com

Exclaim! – http://www.exclaim.ca

Governor’s Ball – http://www.thegovernorsball.com

Hammer Smashed Radio –http://www.facebook.com/hammersmashedradio

Heavy Metal ICU – http://www.heavymetalicu.com

Hellbound – http://www.Hellbound.ca


Loaded Radio – http://www.loadedradio.com

Metal Master Kingdom – http://www.metalmasterkingdom.com

Metal Nation Radio – http://www.metalnationradio.com

Metal-Rules – http://www.metal-rules.com

Muzik Injection – http://www.muzikinjection.com

Ondes Chocs – http://www.facebook.com/OndesChocs

Pure Grain Audio – http://www.puregrainaudio.com

Quebec-Metal – http://www.quebec-metal-archives.blogspot.ca

Scene Magazine – http://www.thescenemagazine.ca

The Heavy Metal ICU – http://www.heavymetalicu.com



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