Walk of Shame EP Release Party – Live at Barfly – October 25th, 2014 – Montreal, QC

After having the chance to listen to, fall in love with, and review the Walk Of Shame album ...And Begin, I had the chance to attend their album launch. The only way to get across how excited I was for this event is to say that even though I worked all day and was completely exhausted, nothing was going to stop me from seeing this show!

The boys from Walk Of Shame were set to play at ten o’ clock at Barfly on St. Laurent last Saturday night. I headed down bright and early, eager to see what was to come of this show. While I waited for the show to begin, I had the privilege of seeing some of the band members in person, and indulged in a drink, appropriately named ‘Walk of Shame’, which was pretty damn tasty. I am quite sure that if you drink enough of them, you’d definitely get into some trouble! After they got the audience psyched by playing the record a few times while the band set up, the boys finally took the stage around midnight.


They opened the show with “Never Should’ve Gone”, an awesome song that definitely got the party started and the audience amped. This song is super fun to rock out to, and it really got the audience moving. By the end of this song, the band was warmed up and ready to go, and the crowd eagerly anticipated what was to come.

“Born Weird” was played second, and by this time the audience was really starting to to vibe out. The band really got into it, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I, for one,  sang along to the chorus and stomped my feet by this point. The people in the crowd started to bang their heads, the energy level increased from a four to a six out of ten.

The next track performed was “Enough’s Enough”, which is one of my personal favorites. It is such a catchy song. When I was listening to it on record, I knew that played live, it would not only be a personal favourite of mine, but a favourite for the crowd as well.

We were half way through the set list; the band was pumped and the audience is excited. So, what do the guys from Walk of Shame decide to do next? Well, they played “Sorry About My Drinkin'”, which is also one of my personal favourites. This part of their performance was one of the best moments of the entire show. If you are a punk rock fan, or have ever listened to this genre of music while having a little too much alcohol in your system, you’ll recognize the feeling that arose during this song, the feeling of being right at home, relating to the lyrics. It was obvious the rest of the audience felt the same as I did. This song really lets the band rock out, showcasing each member’s individual talents. Not to mention, the female drummer had some wonderful skills. That’s right, I said FEMALE DRUMMER! What more could a band need, right?


Next up was the album’s namesake, “…And Begin.” At this point, it was confirmed; coming out to see this show was the best idea I had all week. Not only is “…And Begin” one of the best songs on the album, but seeing the boys play it live, thoroughly enjoying themselves and exhibiting their vast talents, really tied everything together.

Walk Of Shame ended the show with “Undecided”, another favourite of mine. This song is a perfect example of what punk rock is all about. I got such a rush of excitement watching the performance, and there honestly was no better way to end the night. The audience was left wanting more, as was I.

All in all, the show was awesome. With “Undecided” still playing in my head, I found myself tapping my feet to the beat during my bus ride home.

Written by Jessica Valiquette
Photography by Ahsan Rahman

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