Walkways – Bleed Out, Heal Out


At the time of writing this, the year is 2019. In the year of our lord, 2019, I am listening to a modern-daynu-metal album from a goddamn modern-day nu-metal band. Well, here goes nothing. Israeli band Walkways are here with their 2019 full length Bleed Out, Heal Out, 14 tracks of groovy chugs and guitar-simulated DJ scratches. For me, this album is a case of poor idea, good execution. Walkways are very good at what they do, but, my goodness, I found Bleed Out, Heal Out to be a bore. Having said that, if you’re stuck in the 90s, this album is worth a listen.

The album kicks off with “Till The End” and I think it really exemplifies how I feel about Walkways. The opening song, and the album, has some great sung and screamed vocals along with some very well executed instrumentation. A couple of minutes in, and it sounds like I’m listening to something you’d hear on a modern rock station. But the cheese comes marching in with the “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, motherfucking Moe” breakdown at the tail end of the tune. The worst offender in the cheesy, tired, generic nu-metal moments on this album, though, is in the very next song “Hell Born Shove (Impossible).” Again, the first half of the song is a modern sounding hard rock tune with some solid, though not overly innovative, musicianship. But then comes one of the purest Korn rip-offs I’ve ever heard, complete with a whisper breakdown right before some weird, Jonathan Davis-esque scat moaning.

Let me get one thing straight, Bleed Out, Heal Out is not a bad album. Songs like the softer-edged “You Found Me” and the pummeling “Thank You” display a solid musical foundation and aptitude across multiple styles of metal. The problem I have is how overdone the album is. There are so many instances throughout where you can draw direct comparisons to nu-metal bands that dominated Much Music decades ago. If nu is the one for you, give Walkways a listen. Personally, I think the genre should’ve stayed dead.

Written by Justin Bruce

*edited by Mike Milito

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