This Weeks Trash Tuesdays Featured Talk-Sick, No Chaser, and Orally Fixated


Trash Tuesdays is slowly becoming a Montreal tradition, held at TRH Bar located at 3699 St Laurent. Marc Misfits of Cider Punk Productions has been working hard to make these events known to the local Montreal scene. Let’s face it – being a Tuesday night makes it tough to bring in a decent amount of people, but he seems to have had quite a few successful events so far. Gotta love Montreal for being the city that never sleeps.

orally fixated
Orally Fixated

This past Tuesday December 9th, Misfits brought in three local bands: Talk-Sick, No Chaser, and Orally Fixated. Unfortunately with a major snow storm hitting the city this night, the venue was not as full as had hoped but he had a smile on his face the entire night, nonetheless. About 20 people had shown up to watch these three bands play; Talk-Sick attracting the most watchers/thrashers.

Orally Fixated started the night, followed by No Chaser, with Talk-Sick closing the night. Talk-Sick are known for doing many many encores but ended the night with “We’re old. Go home.” The night ended around midnight.

no chaser
No Chaser

Keep an eye  out for these Tuesday night events, by checking in regularly to the Facebook page here, as well as keeping an eye on Bucketlist’s Event Calendar. If you want to check out some local and not so local punk rock talent this is the event to be at.

Next Tuesday will showcase Public OutsidersPGB, and Coups d’Pied Dans Face. For more details click here.

Photography by Marc Misfits

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