Wildheart – Pumped at the Piston

Pumped at the Piston is a live EP by Canadian, Toronto-based classic rock band Wildheart. It was recorded at The Piston, a bar in downtown Toronto, on 13 August of this year.

This LP has actually surprised me. It is nothing short of an excellent example of how to put together a classic rock show, to the point where I am struggling to find any fault with it at all.  The production, even with the live recording, is absolutely superb. It sounds crisp and polished.

The riffs are really catchy and great fun with the classic rock/blues feel that any fan of rock will just love. Listening to this album will have you playing air guitar in no time. A great example of this is the track “Gypsy Soul Part 2”; the intro riff is a classic in the making.

The vocals are clean and great. The singer consistently hits the high notes with no sign of struggle at all. This guy can sing and sing well. He could teach some more famous singers a thing or two.

I think that these guys may well have a very bright future ahead of them. With a sound that allows for them to tip their hats to the greats in rock history, bringing up memories of the heyday of classic rock, they are fresh and exciting. Their classic rock ‘n’ roll tag does not age their sound at all.

In all honesty, the only thing I see that could be a problem for these guys is a problem that faces any band and that is trying to stand out in a market flooded with bands. However, I do think these guys are worth some time and attention, especially if you want to kick back with some good, old-fashioned rock music.

These guys show that blues-influenced rock ‘n’ roll sound is far from dead. Pumped At The Piston is an excellent album, and, from me, gets a solid 9/10.

Written by Paul Foxon

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Hailing from Lincolnshire, England, Paul Foxon has been a fan of blues and metal in nearly all its forms for as long as he can remember. The first song he ever remembers actually catching his attention was AC/DC’s "Thunderstruck" and the young age of seven. Music has pretty much ruled his life ever since going on to discover heavier sounds within the metal genre while enjoying the blues tones of Gary Moore and Eric Clapton amongst others. When he is not writing about or listening to music, he is writing for Exterritus, a melodic death metal band he formed in 2008, as well as working on other musical projects.

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