Within the Ruins & Guests – Live at Le Ritz PDB – November 23rd, 2014 – Montreal, QC

Within The Ruins & Guests - November 23rd, 2014 - Montreal, QC

What are Sunday nights known for? Yeah, that’s right, family time and spending the evening watching whatever the few big TV networks want you to watch (on most Sundays for the past 26 years it’s been The Simpsons!). The 23rd of November was no cartoon Sunday night, folks. It was a night for heavy music at Le Ritz PDB in Montreal.

Sever The Voices-5
Sever The Voices

First, let me start of by telling you that this was my first time going to this venue, previously called Il Motore, since the renovations. So, what has transpired from this renovation? Well, for starters, the stage is now at the back of the venue instead of the front, and the bar is now located on the right side and takes up a lot of space, to be frank.  A few nice decorations and some fancy beers later, we are in a venue that still doesn’t appeal to me, but works for tight-knit shows.  They claim the capacity is 300, but I really doubt that. It seems more like 100-150 to me.

First up on the bill was a local band called Sever the Voices. They made sure we remembered their name with two kick ass banners on each side of the drums.  They came out killing it with some darn heavy music. You could tell that knew what they were doing and how talented they were right away. I got a kick out of the singer’s shirt as it was of the band Architects, a band I love. You could tell they were influenced by the likes of this band. I loved what I heard, though I would like to see more from them as the guitarist and the bassist didn’t seem to move very much, seemingly happy to stay in one spot. Some movement would have added that extra flair to put them over the top.

Rise of Elis-1
Rise of Elis

Next up was another local band, Rise of Elis. They immediately caught my attention as the drummer and guitarist were both wearing New England Patriots jerseys.  This made me question them as I’m not a fan of the Pats, but holy fuck, was I in for a treat!  These guys were fucking brilliant!  They were heavy as fuck and made me want to head bang ’til there was no tomorrow! The singer’s growls were from a place unknown, so deep and precise, almost Pantera-like. The drummer was the glue; his hard-hitting drums were a joy to listen to.

Dead Elegance-4
Dead Elegance

The last local crew to play was Dead Elegance. They were groovy and humble.  I enjoyed their performance of “Memories”. Their entire set was spot on. These guys are shredders and a joy to listen to. They are also very energetic as each member used the real estate available on stage. Vocalist Sean Jalbert also took time to do a shout out to Texas in July who were scheduled to be on the bill but had to bail last minute due to medical reasons involving their drummer Adam Gray. He also took time to thank the fine people at Naya to tell them they make good water. HA!

Within The Ruins-1
Within The Ruins

Finally it was time for the headliners, Within The Ruins, hailing from Massachusetts. These guys came out with a message: Don’t fuck with us! Geez, they were heavy and fucking amazing. I just have on thing to say:  If you like metal, go see these guys when they are in your neck of the woods…but bring earplugs! They are fucking LOUD! Their performance on “Versus” and “Feeding Frenzy” were personal highlights.

All and all, this was one one hell of a night considering I was upset that Texas in July didn’t make it. Health is more important, and I wish Adam a swift recovery and hope we see them in Montreal soon.


Written and Photographed by Eric Brisson
  Eric Brisson Photography
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