Yardlets with Public Animal, Mountain Dust, and Dead Ranch – Live at Turbo Haus – May 14th, 2016 – Montreal, QC

Saturday, May 14th, 2016 in Montreal was a tad on the cold side and rainy so, it was a good night to head inside to check out some music. Turbo Haus was the spot to catch the sludgy/grungy/rocky type of bands, and after a late start, even for Turbo Haus, that didn’t stop them from playing hard or the fans from coming out.

First up on stage and coming from the furthest away, was Winnipeg’s Dead Ranch. Formed in 2011, the four-piece consists of members Chad Alsop, Ryley Devine, Andre Cornejo, and newest member Alana Mercer. Their music is on the sludgy side of alternative and I had heard beforehand that they are pretty on point. They didn’t disappoint and as soon as they started playing the audience members perked right up. The set was loud, energetic, and, as sometimes happens, the bulk of the attendees all showed up at once during their set. By the end, the floor was pretty full.

Up next, and from Montreal, was Mountain Dust. The band formed in 2013 and is made up of members Brendan Mainville, Hal Jaques, Blair Youngblut, and Patrick Bennett, all of whom are from past memorable bands. These guys were my favourite of the night. Not only were they talented, both musically and vocally, but they somehow played classic-sounding-rock without sounding like anyone else or being generic. While enjoying their set, I thought to myself, “These guys could be on mainstream radio,” and I promise that’s not an insult in this case. Their first album is forthcoming and you can catch the album launch show at Turbo Haus on July 15th when they play with Biblical. Or, if you’re in Ottawa, you can catch them the following night at House of TARG.

Third on the bill was Public Animal from Toronto, which formed around 2013. Members Caitlin Dacey Keys, Eric Larock, Ian Blurton, and Ryan Gassi play hard-rock that has a grungy, sometimes bluesy, feel to it. Ian Blurton, who is a veteran of the music industry as a musician, songwriter and producer, had strong vocals and lead guitar playing skills. Caitlin Dacey’s backup vocals were a little soft compared to Ian, almost as if she was holding back a bit but she certainly held nothing back when it came to the keyboards. Their set was intense at times with a lot of reverberation throughout and the crowd certainly enjoyed it.

Playing last was Yardlets from Montreal. The band was founded in 2010 by Sam Goldberg and Jeff Edwards, who both play the guitar and perform vocals. Also with them were Sebastien Grainger on drums and Tim Fletcher on bass. It must have been close to 2:00 am before they started, taking extra time to set up lights and a smoke machine, but there were still audience members anxiously waiting for their set. They played a type of grunge mixed with psychedelic that was dynamic and industrious. Although the venue was no longer packed, it didn’t stop audience members from bustin’ a move and rockin’ out with the band.

Written by Joey Beaudin
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Joey is an avid music fan who thoroughly enjoys live music and discovering bands, artists and sounds previously unheard. No genre is beyond his privy and no artist(s) undeserving of a fair listening to. And despite the digital age, is still a fan of obtaining hard copies of albums when available.

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