Young Thug Writes a Song for Harambe

Young Thug has done some pretty questionable things in his career, and he recently has people scratching their heads yet again with his most recent album. Released on Friday August 25th, No My Name is Jeffery features songs dedicated to, and named after, his “idols.” These idols include everyone from Rihanna to Kanye West, but possibly the strangest track title is “Harambe.”

You may have noticed the recent surge of controversial Harambe memes popping up in your news feed this summer for some unfathomable reason, but Young Thug has now taken this bizarre phenomenon to a whole new level. In case you don’t remember who Harambe was, he was the Gorilla who was shot dead when a child crawled into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo back in May.

Even weirder than his choice to name a song after the deceased gorilla is the fact that the song seemingly has nothing to do with him. For instance, the first verse of the song begins with, “Catch ’em down bad. Beat ’em with a bat, hashtag that. I call it New Jack, yeah, yeah. Bitch, I got a blue Jag. I make that cash talk.” According to The Vergethere are some who believe the song is meant to depict “Harambe’s revenge,” but there is really no apparent connection between the song’s lyrics and its title.

The album is Young Thug’s sixteenth mixtape, and it’s getting a lot of attention for its cover art. It features an image of Young Thug sporting a Japanese-inspired skirt-like outfit by Italian designer Alessandro Trincone, and is a definite change from the artist’s usual attire.

The title No My Name is Jeffery was inspired by the rapper’s birth name, Jeffery, in an effort to change his stage name from Young Thug to “No My Name is Jeffery,” or simply Jeffery. It features collaboration with Wyclef Jean and Quavo.

Written by Franca G. Mignacca
*edited by Kate Erickson

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